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Your vehicle may qualify under the Iowa Lemon Law if one or more of the following conditions have been met:

To qualify under the Iowa Lemon Law, the problem or defect has to render the vehicle unfit, unreliable, or unsafe for ordinary use or significantly diminish the value of the vehicle, and has to have occurred during the Lemon Law rights period.

The Iowa Lemon Law rights period is defined by the Iowa Lemon Law as the term of the manufacturer's written warranty, the period ending two years after the date of the original delivery of a motor vehicle to the consumer, or the first 24,000 miles of operation attributed to a consumer, whichever expires first.

If you meet the qualifications above, then you must notify the manufacturer by certified, registered, or overnight mail and give the manufacturer one more chance to fix the problem. Your notice must go directly to the manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer if you are unsure of the correct address.

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